abbr. for kiss da tip.
Girl: "Shut up"
Boy: "Man kdt"
by 7894561230-+ August 9, 2010
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Means to Keep dreams true. No matter what obstacles you face never lose sight of you dream(s). - @shegottmoves_ on instagram
Him: i feel like giving up at singing , I’m giving it my best but nothing’s good enough I’ve went to so many auditions, no one wants me.
His Bestfriend: Yo remember KDT bro . Keep dreams true . The challenges you go through now will pay off. Yeah nothing is happening now but if you continue to follow your dreams everywhere you go the right person might be watching and you get signed! Think positive man!
Him: You know what you’re right bro thank you!
by Stay Focused ✨ July 19, 2018
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KDT is a shortened version for Kiss Death Tickle.
by Kiss Death Tickle August 9, 2007
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