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beautiful Name of a 6th C. saint born in Wales, patron of St. Keyne in Cornwall, the site of her holy well. Kayna refused all suitors, choosing a life of religious solitude. In folk tradition, the first one of a married couple to drink from her well will dominate the relationship. Keyne (KAYN).
To look upon Kayna would make any man fall deeply in love.
by falconbility December 20, 2009
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Kayna’s are the most attractive beings to walk the earth. If your lucky enough to meet a Kayna don’t let her out of your life. Kayna’s tend to have the most amazing features, everything about them is graceful and perfect from their shining eyes, and curvy bodies nothing compares. Kayna’s aren’t just stunning they are also very kind and natural born leaders. Kayna’s will make sure that everyone is treated fairly, Kayna’s will often be seen helping the new kid or spending time with the younger students.
Kayna is just perfect
by Loser 115 June 25, 2018
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Kayna is a beautiful girl who is extremely loving and gives the nicest hugs. Kaynas are short,witty girls with a good sense of fashion and they always smell good. Once you are on her good side she will love you no matter what and stay loyal. A kayna has a hint of psycho and crazy in her personality that if triggered could get you into trouble.
Oh wow look a kayna, I totally wanna hug her.
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by Rockstar102341 June 05, 2018
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