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A hot type of person with big boobs. They love older and younger guys. Kaydance's will dress hot and have soft gorgeous hair.

Kaydance is the type of person who is going to grow up to work in a law firm and pay people to have sex with her because her husband is not good enough.

Kaydance goes with Dylan or Will so they would make a great couple.
If you know a kaydance make sure to kiss her on the cheek they are very affectionate.
by kaydancebournerocks August 28, 2016
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A Kaydance is a type of girl who can be really nice and then immediately randomly turn into a bitch.Kaydances are usually huge sluts who go around dating anyone they see. They can think their beautiful when their not.They can think they can dance when they can’t. But somehow they manage to get boys attention as quick as a snap and that makes other girls real jealous.
Boy-Wow look over there by the trash - that girl Kaydance is hot

Girl-Which piece of trash are you pointing to?
by duh_itz_meee April 05, 2018
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