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Not to be confused for the animal Koala. A kawala is the sexual act process where you impersonate an airplane, fly around the room and while your partner's legs are spread wide open, you plunge straight first into her vagina. You then to proceed to act as if your airplane has crash landed similarly to an episode of the Koala Brothers. This act may also be confused with Michael Phlepsing.
Hoe #1: Aw man, I'm so sore from last night.
Hoe #2: Two guys this time?
Hoe #1: Naw, Robert my side nigga decided to Kawala me. I don't even watch the Koala Brothers.

Guy #1: Yo, C, what you been up to?
Guy #2: Well Robert, I know you've been fucking my girl so I did a kawala with your sister.

Guy #2: That's okay, I did a Michael Phelps on your girl two nights ago.
by fuckyou3 March 11, 2016
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