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The Best CPS1, CPS2, And NeoGeo Emulator Out There
MAME Is The Best I Know. But Kawaks Is Really Fast For Slow Computers Like Mine. MAME Is Getting Too High Maitenance(did i spell that right?). So I Stick With Kawaks.
<friend> FUCK!!!
<me> What??
<friend>My MAME IS So Fuckin Slow,
Now I Cant Play Metal Slug...7_7
<me>Dont Worry Just Get Kawaks
<friend>AWESOME METAL SLUG!!! ^_^
by EMU NOOB July 14, 2006
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A kind soul who has love for his cry and memes. Gets friend-zoned too much for his kind heart. Counterpart to nicholas. Also has a very juicy ass.
“Kawak is a real homie for sure bro”

“Omg he’s such a kawak, I wish I was friends with him”

“Did you hear? Kawak’s best friend nicholas made a urban dictionary definition for him! I wish m friends were this cool.
by Nick_darkclark_ June 11, 2018
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