Someone who is polyamorist in nature. They tend to have up to 5 boyfriends (or girlfriends) at once.
Oh my gosh... Kevin is such a Kawakami. He has several different boyfriends!!!
by TayMaurice February 26, 2021
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One of the coolest, smartest and sweetest dude you will ever meet. He is someone who prob rick-rolled you at least once by now, and a guy who brags about everything he can think of.
David Kawakami: Yo have you checked my insta bio, I put my onlyfans account there
Some random guy: Interesting, *proceeds to click on the link and gets rick-rolled*
by Language artist September 21, 2020
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A cool sword guy from the late Edo period who could cut you in half in broad daylight, and was one of four notable assassinate.
its kawakami gensai If you're not on his side you better run like now he inspired a anime RUN its Rurouni Kenshin RUN he will not only use the dull side RUN
by Some random kid who reads August 26, 2019
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