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a vicious creature that lives near mountains and feeds on human sperm. if u sence that u re near a katsiani, be careful, for appearances can be deceiving. during daytime, this creature has the shape of a human being, but when night falls it transforms into a half goat, 1/3rd chicken and 2/3 barbara streisand beast, with breasts for eyes. as soon as katsianis takes that form it's gonna start looking for male dicks to suck on and thus fulfill its sick apetite for male juices. there is no way to kill that beast, unless u own a continuum transfunctioner with dildos attached.
"holy motherfuckin' cow, it's katsianis"
"it's coming right for us"
"eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, chamona"
by panaba January 29, 2005
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