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The Japanese word for clump or clod. The only main usage in America is for the Katamari franchise (Katamari Damacy, We {heart} Katamari, Katmari and Me, and the upcoming Beautiful Katmari) developed by Namco. In the games, you roll a ball, called a katamari, which comes in several vibrant colors, around the world and pick stuff up by rolling into it. The larger you are, the larger the stuff you can pick up, and the more you pick up the larger you get. You can, in fact, pick up objects as large, and larger than, Mt. Fuji. It is a love it/hate it franchise, and is very trippy. Damacy means spirit or joy. Several people say that the creators of the games were smoking, snorting, or ingesting some sort of drug during the time that the games were being made. That is up to you to decide.
Katmari is just as trippy as actually taking the drugs, without the risk of the law getting involved.
by BestJaxx7 September 11, 2007
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