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A rating system used in Carroll County. If someone is particularly good looking, you would rate him/her as a .5 Kate Sands. The rating system is as follows:

-1 would be repulsive
0 is ugly
.05 is unattractive
.15 is 'has some odd physical quirk'
.25 is doable
.35 is average
.4 for decent
.45 for cute
.5 is hot
.75 is beautiful
.85 is gorgeous
.95 is drop-dead gorgeous
1 is 'goddess.'

The system can also be used for personality in much the same way.

It originates from the person, Kate Sands, who was rated as "Goddess on Earth" and in honor of her, the system was given her name. Invented c. 2002
"Dude, check out that girl in the pink! She's like a .95 Katesands!"
by Darkstar June 25, 2004
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