verb, severely punished for minor infractions that a) cause no discernible harm and b) are done with zero malicious intent. See also: September six.
"I'd like to use your cellphone to call my family, but I'm a missionary and I don't want to get Kate Kelly'd".
by Jon Swift June 30, 2014
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Verb. To be kicked out of a religion after 1. lying repeatedly about believing in it 2. protesting a church meeting and calling the media to cover it 3. calling religious leaders cowards 4. calling the women in your religion ignorant and silly to outsiders 5. emailing the New York Times and writing an op-ed in the Guardian about your excommunication, then whining that nobody kept it private 6. having a terrible haircut
I wanted to get myself Kate Kelly'd, but couldn't get enough media coverage to gain a following.
by zulilymerrell July 02, 2014
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