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"kartavya" is a word founded from the Sanskrit origin but has totally unrelated meanings in english. In sanskrit it means "duty". In English, the word is an informal addressing made to someone you like, love. Or to someone who you find intelligent, or "classy"/"dude", the Best.
The word, pronounced as "care-tev-aa" is commonly used in the northern parts of USA and in California and the Atlantic islands.
If you are kartavya you would have done this(something good)….
Where's the place to be tonight kartavya ? :)
by Jasmin Drekker January 02, 2012
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kartavyas are narcissistic pieces of shit (they try to be narcissists but fail). they usually tend to bring themselves in every situation and hype themselves up too much. while their ambition and skill are great qualities, and they are fun to have around, kartavyas can be real bitches sometimes. overall, they are people you can trust.
Person 1: The new guy, he's a total Kartavya!
Person 2: I totally see it.
by Best2003 April 10, 2019
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