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Karla🅱️ is a wannabe sound cloud rapper who doesn't rap for shit. At first appears nice but turns into a dickhead real fast. Feeds off of other people's success on snapchat. Tries to be original but in realitty is a copycat. He is also xxxtentasion trash. Karla🅱️ is also a leader of a gang that he created. The gang is called "🅱️lood gang".It's just a bunch of pussies wearing red bandanas to look hip and cool but they just look like shit. Also this person is a cheating bitch boy who can't deal with his feelings and choose between girls or boys because he is a fag. Karla🅱️ is a fashion whore who offten looks like shit.
Karla🅱️ cheated on a goof gurl.
by Exstra spisy internet trash March 01, 2018
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