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An uncommon Norwegian name usually used by unsexy, uncool, secretly gay people, typically with a penis length that’s less than the average North Korean. If your name is Karl-Iver, you should probably consider changing your name. The most famous Karl-Iver was the Swedish snail breeder Karl-Iver Gustavson, known for producing the best snails in whole of Scandinavia. The name Karl-Iver has not been used much since the late 1800 because of its lack of coolness, originality and the general incompetence associated with the name.

Karl-Ivers are usually men with blond hair, blue eyes and an average height of 169 cm (5 ft 6 17/32 inches). When asked a question the answer in passive way, like “hmmm”. They usually try to disguise their stupidity and ignorance by ridiculing your arguments (laughing at them, facepalming). Karl-Ivers are the most annoying kind of people ever and if someone tells you their name is Karl-Iver, punch him in the face and run. Karl-Ivers are not, have not been and will never be seen with female companion.

Karl was used in Scandinavia at the beginning of the 800 as a synonym of the word secret. Iver on the other hand was used as word describing man love.
Hallo I’m Karl-Iver. Oh, “punches him in the face and run”
by O.Kleppvoll October 14, 2014
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