A guy with really a good heart. He is rude for someone but for those whom he loves , he's the most loyal , funniest and caring person ever . He is emotional too. He's not too much expressive but he can love anyone with all his heart and not able to express that. He's crazy too. He can become angry quickly. He do not have too much friends but when he considers someone his friend , he really cares for you. Whatever the thing , he can be the bestest friend for someone. Just do not lose him ever , he is precious and deserves to be loved.
Kaptan is one of my caring friend.
by imalien November 28, 2021
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A person who is crazy and emotional at the same time. He either doesn't love anyone or love the person with his full heart . He is the person whom you can trust . Just don't break his trust .
Kaptan deserves all respect and love cause he is a soft hearted person
by imalien November 25, 2021
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