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The first recorded consumption of "Kapoosta" was way back in the day, by immigrant magnetite down yonder in the hills of Heaven's To Mergatroid.

It was Billy Boy Jim Bob who discovered that Hell, if we aint got no meat, may as well eat them there plants.

He picked out what is now known as cabbage out of the field. He ate it and puked almost immediately and complained of stomach aich for hours on end, yelling OOOO my stomach hurts, OOOOO now I got the SHITS, Hence Crap-Oosta.

He said "Damn Woman-do something to this hear shit"! Hence "Crap". Crap-oosta! So she added water and a bunch of other shit (CRAP) to make it taste better.

So anyway, other sum bitches was starving down in the village, so Billy Joe Jim Bob decided to sell this Crap-oosta, but new shit wouldn't sell to the local varmints. Fortunately Billy Joe Jim Bob had a speech impediment and couldn't pronounce the Letter "R". Yea, he was a forked tongue Sum-Bitch.

There it became Kapoosta!
I want some kapoosta
by Kapoosta Man May 09, 2016
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