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A fine ass girl, lots of hair,and will beat a bitch up. She's the baddest giro you can ever see and she will make u fall in love ❀️ has that bomb ass pussy and y'all niggas dumb as hell if u leave her😊
I seen a kaonna and fell in love 😘
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by Iceykay.__ July 16, 2017
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A smart,hot, and wonderful person. She can steel a boys heart in one look. Even though she has a strong outter shell she love when people come up to talk to her. She love to belt out a tune and will always say what’s on her mind. She loves when guys show an interest in her all a Kaonna wants is somebody to say they like her.

She is a strong person who is strong enough to speak and express her feelings. If you ever ask a Kaonna a question they would be happy to talk. They never back down from a challenge especially if it involves showing off her smarts. You never know till you know with Kaonna’s they keep the game interesting.
Never mess with Kaonna.
by Kaonna June 05, 2018
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