An amazingly beautiful girl who's dms are flooding with guys, a girl who can steel your man in a day. Has aamazing hair. Best smile ever. Academics on the high. Sporty as fuck.
Girl 1: Wow do you see how pretty that girl is!

Boy:Yeah her name is Kamohelo
by Blackivy October 16, 2020
The price.Her aura and energy speaks for her before she even enters the room.
Kamohelo is a girl who is known as the ultimate price.As no gent can just bag her.Her aura and energy speaks for her before she even enters the room.

Gent 1 :Dawg I've been trying to bag that hun for 2 years straight

Gent 2 :she's definitely the price .

Have you seen how she manages to still grab attention without drama.

Gent 1:If only I could make her mine man.Im ready to risk it all just for her.
by Jamo8 October 31, 2021
A very mysterious person, quiet, handsome, toxic, sometimes caring and crazy funny, he's most of the time impatient and loves things done on his own terms but once you get to know him he's a great person.
Kamohelo is quite mysterious, his dark aura intrigues me.
by Tallllllll November 24, 2021
Kamohelo Mkhwanazi are the rudest people on Earth *laughs* I'm joking,they are caring and make sure to keep them close(like really close),don't lose them. They would make the perfect male bestie/boyfriend.

Person 1: OMG, who's that hot guy?
Person 2: Ikr,that's Kamo aka SoulisticatedDjy.
Kamohelo Mkhwanazi is hot.
by Ktlit_16 November 23, 2021