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A great guy. Charismatic in all that he does. A people person, but personable unlike any other. Team player. Smart, funny, intelligent, creative, and interesting. His uniqueness is apparent already from the spelling of his name. Ladies are intrigued by his humble, yet charming nature. Natural born leader. A quiet, strategic, hustler that has an innate ability to bend rules without much consequence. Kammruns are risk takers, but hinder their own progress or genius due to too much caution, and a false sense of needing to play to the level of his competition. He seeks knowledge and understanding, for he KNOWS that all is not as it appears to be on this earth. He is desperate for the truth in ALL things. Basically, if you meet a Kammrun, your life just got a little bit better. He's a jokester all day everyday, but never a judger. Strong character, loyalty, morals, and ambition are important to a Kammrun. Love him, because he won't hesitate to love you back...Kammruns are awesome.
Wow, i just had a great conversation with Kammrun yesterday; he really gets me.

Kammrun receives so many accolades, and never even seems to care!

Hey! See if Kammrun wants to come to the concert with us. I'm sure it will be much more fun with him.

Joe: Kammrun made fun of my hair
Greg: Dude, don't sweat that. It's just a joke and that's just how Kammrun is.
by anditwaswritten August 18, 2014
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