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A kalvan is a bright, intelligent and a charasmatic person. He is loved by most people due to his bright and cheerful personality. A Kalvan is very passionate towards sports and accomplishing his goals in life. He may be flirty with girls, however there will be only one true girl that will always stick with him. A Kalvan may be very ignorant towards love, and how to deal with it. Although a Kalvan may seem bright and charasmatic, deep down he has his weaknesses as well. That would be dealing with love and his emotions. He will have trouble expressing his sadness or frustration to others ,so he tries to hide it. However if you ever meet a Kalvan, never give up on him. He may seem like a jerk sometimes, but deep down he just needs some love.
"That type of Kalvan makes me suspicious."
by Anonymousyeoja November 19, 2013
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