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1. A gang-miltia with industrial influence originating from suburban Connecticut (of all places). Members' outfits consisted of dark coats, face-concealing gasmasks, and black (preferrably steel-toed boots). The clan had plans of world domination at one point while the leader was under the influence of drug resins. After this temporary lack of sanity ended, the group shut down all operation and all members disbanded before Kalocin had ever completely intialized. The core-members later formed a philosophy project, Avesque.
2. A fictional drug from the book Andromeda Strain by Micheal Crichton: It will clense the body of all bacteria thus removing any bacterial diseas, but it also kills any person who takes it due to necessary bacteria and immunities within the body.
Kalocin was never a real gang, the only illegal acts they committed were those of grafiti/vandalism, drug use, and trespassing. There was no drug dealing nor profit involved with Kalocin.
by Dekker Avesque January 21, 2005
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