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Kallianns are strong independent girls, who is extremely reliable. Kallianns are extremely intelligent and if they want to they can be the most beautiful person in the world. They can be a pain in the butt to have around, but their flavor to the party is well worth it. Their jokes and wonderful personality might as we'll be the death of you. She is frightening when she wants to be ... It's like staring the devil in the eye. Knowing her is a pleasure that has brought me to the conclusion that if you ever meet her once she's gone you can't imagine a world where she's not your friend. In the end she's the person who truly wouldn't let you down. That's kalliann.
If your ever in need of help call kalliann. If your ever cross someone better hope they don't know kalliann. Kalliann would be as trustworthy as they come.
by A Radiant Apple Pie Loving Sun October 16, 2014
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