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The Filipino word for "bald head"
Screamed in the streets by Filipinos when a youngish, white male experiencing hair loss is spotted
*30 something white male with a big bald spot walking the streets of the Philippines*
Filipino 1: "KALBO!!!!!!!!!!!"
Filipino 2: "kalbo!"
Filipino 3: "kalbo." *grins*
by mackowhack October 07, 2009
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a really mean person that hits girls and cusses way too much. kalbos take things out of proportion and blow up on people who don't have anything to do with the situation. they often get mad when their cell phone gets taken away for a week. be sure not to ask a kalbo if they shave their legs, or else he'll bust a cap in yo ass. don't mess with kalbos when they have killer child molesting brothers in florida.
"I'm PMSing, so pardon if I start acting like a kalbo."
by Jeremy Ficher May 24, 2008
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