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kalayah got that BOMB , if you ever date a kalayah don't let her go . She's loyal , very short , & beyond beautiful . Don't fuck with a kalayah cause she'll give you hell & they're very rare . You won't find many like her she keeps shit too real . Oh & did I mention ? She got that wet wet 😏😏
I met this girl named " kalayah " & I fell in love

kalayah is fine !
by dudettttt July 11, 2013
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Kalayah is BOMB! If u find a Kalayah never let her go! She is very loyal and keeps everything real, she is very short with small feet & is drop dead gorgeous
DAMN is that Kalayah walkin by?
by Mywatermelonqueen22 April 08, 2017
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Ka'Layah is a freak dont let her silliness fool you she got the fattest ass and her pussy is sooooo wet (and she gives good head). If she gives you a chance you betta hit. Sex with her is the bomb. She a real thugga who will ride for her niggas. But overall she is really humble
Boy 1: Bruh im just trynna get with kalayah
Boy 2: why?
Boy 1: cause she my type and she a freak in bed
Boy 2: you better get that
by @jahamajuice June 18, 2018
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