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1) Any unintended amibiguity, divulgence, or complication that results from a written or spoken statement because the author failed to properly visualize how others would interpret him.

The etymology is from a poster with the screen name "KainMorpheus" on an online forum (

Altrenates are:

1) "kain"
2) "k error"
3) "k-error"
Imagine the following test question:

1) Blah blah bleugh blippity blah blah?

a) Between 60 and 75%
b) More than 40%
c) More than 75%
d) Less than 60%
e) Between 0 and 25%

This is a kain error because the nature of the answer choices themselves reveal the correct answer (d).
by Brandon Beaber October 27, 2004
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