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kaileena’s are very conceited and think right and wrong matter.
me: oh look there’s a squirrel

kaileena: it’s a chipmunk

me: isn’t it the same thing
by boo12240 March 04, 2018
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Kaileena’s need a large amount of attention. When they need the attention, they’ll turn to their friends but afterwards leave and hang out with fake friends. They never listen to what their friends have to say and pretend they didn’t hear our problems. Kaileena’s are always very talented and conceited. My Kaileena could sing really good but her laugh is so annoying. It sounds like a barbie trying to laugh. My kaileena looks like a whale. She can flop in numerous ways and it’s not very flattering but boys fall for her. It’s always the boys with blonde hair and blue or hazel eyes. Nearly not as much as brunettes. They laugh at nearly everything.
kaileena: *plays with a spring*
me: why the heck are you laughing at a string
kaileena: I dont know AHHAHAHAHAH
by boo12240 June 14, 2018
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