Kaien is a person with a very broad perspective of life. im joking Kaien is constantly kobe bryanting and he can be gey sometimes. Dumb as a dog on drugs and has no friends like the epic Roblox gamer he is. But he is friendly and like to eat a lot. Remember if you get a Kaien remeber he has a great sense of humor but he can be dark and shady sometimes. He doenstn really respect but if he likes you you will have a great time with him.
Homie: Yo broski i linked up with kaien at the mall yesterday fam
Homie 2: damn u luucky he didnt finesse ur Louis vuitton wallet
Homie: bruh damn he really a kaien
by bonkers_420 December 23, 2019
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A real hot nigga that be sucking your mom every night. Very satanic and is possible a neo nazi, you can tell if their a "Kaien Memmer" if they draw swasticas and love 666.
Remmember those white supremacists? Their such kaien memmers.
by PepperBoi69 October 05, 2017
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