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Kaelob is a boy that wants to be a man, but finds himself still standing at the edge of childhood, for he threw away a great relationship with a nice girl that treated him wonderfully and loved him. This was because he got bored with his relationship and realized that there were prettier girls, therefore, he created a problem and blamed the girl for their relationship ending. He then gets with another girl that was prettier, funnier, and older than the other girl. Though, he would be a lot happier if he listened to his heart and stayed close to the one that loved him. If Kaelob were to realize what his heart was hinting, there would be no telling how great his life could be. After all this being said, Kaelob is very good looking with dark eyes and a charming smile. Not to mention that he can make almost anyone laugh, for humor comes very naturally to him. Kaelob really is a ladies' man, but he should do himself a favor and listen to what his heart tells him.
by emmyrae01 March 13, 2018
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