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Kabini- (Noun, Adj., Verb)

Noun- A god-like alter ego

Adj- To be acting like a god or doing something that resembles the original Kabini. Also see Terry Kabini, Andy Mellow, Special K, or Bini

Verb- To knock someone out in poker, or to have had your last name pronounced terribly

1. "Zues has nothing on Kabini"

2. "You nailed two girls in one night, way to go Kabini!"

3. "You made your own underage gambling ring, your so Kabini!"

4. "Man he had you from the flop, you got Kabini'd"

5. "Hey Johnson, they just called you Jingles. Your last name might as well be Kabini"
by RVDfan0929 May 28, 2006
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