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a fucking gay faggot bitch nigga. PR manager of the S^3. Has 0 confirmed kills but every mission planned by him has ended in overwhelming success. Supported by General Allahoodini and Lieutenant Ghey to move up faster through the ranks and is now in the top tiers of management in the S^3, controlling ISIS, the pink dot army, and many more. His bounty has also risen to $10000000000000000, the highest bounty for a terrorist in the world so far, thus making him the first of the S^3 to be recorded in the guinness world record.
ISIS member: Oh shit is that justin ryan rishi patrick?? * runs up to get autograph*

What was that amazing quote by justin ryan rishi patrick again? Oh yeah, " Everyone is gay, but not every gay is a one."
by General Allahoodini January 19, 2018
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