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1. one who has jurisdiction over a particular issue. an alternate form of the word judicator

2. double headed red psychomonster, devil spawn of rancor and hydra, possible the result of a threesome with a transexual ewok. lives in the blizzardy arctic of the Himalayas where it preys on llamas and small Vietnamese children. Liquid secretions from the tip of its tail are believe by many to be the most powerful sexual stimulant if rubbed on the genital region.
1. Rather than simply going through a single committee, it has become commonplace for legislation to be fed through multiple committees who each believe themselves to be the juridicor over a specific political issue.

2. A small village in Tibet was the victim of a mid winter swoop by the juridicor. Although 7 small Vietnamese children were eaten, the townsfoke were able to obtain a small amount of liquid secretions from its tail. They will spend the next week making up for the 7 lost children and the explosions from the simultaneous orgasms will rival that of a marriage between krakatoa and pompeii.
by AGannon October 25, 2007
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