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A place to "Expect the Uncommon" and you WILL find uncommon here. 1 in 10 people are actually normal...The volleyball team is a bunch of cocky ass bitches, the guys baskestball team is awesome. That's all we have to say about sports here.... The fun people are really great and the weirdo's are REALLY weird. 99% of the people here were valdictorians of their class. Half of them converted to party animals and the other half are effing weird!! Parties consist of sausage fests or freshman girls making out with eachother...there is no in between. Despite all of this we <3 Juniata....i mean we get a day off to play in the mountians!! who wouldn't love it here!
Hi i go to Juniata College! There are 2 bars in this town and nothing to do on the weekends. I dont party on friday because i study, saturday is party night. I have to travel 40 minutes to get to a mall. I LOVE NORM!
by JC Student November 17, 2007
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