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A smart independent young girl who likes to flirt with a lot of boys, even though she has a boyfriend she likes some other guys: she is very smart and kinda pretty one day she will make a great mother with 16 children
"Woah! You flirt a lot" flirt means jullianna
by Annonymusssaaa February 24, 2017
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This girl is a special person, shes beautiful, kind, smart, funny one. The first day I've met her, she brings me joy. Even when you're sad shes the one who can bring you up, and gives a smile everyday that brings you joy. She has feelings bottled up but never shows it. When you see a Jullianna, never leave her, always cherish the time with her. It makes me feel sad when you leave her, and whenever your depressed, come to her for help, shes a warm hearted girl. Never let go of a special girl, spend time with her every moment. Shes does ANYTHING for family/loved one. I never meet the greatest best friend i could ever have. Don't ever loose her, spend every second,hour, even day with her. I am greatful to have her.
boy 1: is that an angle?!?
girl 1: no not just a angle.
boy 2: then what?
girl 2: shes a jullianna
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by Lycheebae June 02, 2018
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Jullianna is an awesome friend. When you have a secret you can come to a Jullianna and trust her to keep it. She is very nice and athletic and my best friend. If you don’t like her it’s your loss because she is the funniest and nicest friend I can ask for
Girl 1: who is that?
Girl 2: that’s Jullianna, she is my friend
Girl 1: I wish I was friends with her
by That one person 🤪 January 21, 2019
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