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A person who claims to be happy all the time; this person demonstrates this by continually sharing positive sayings and seeming to never admit that life sucks at times. This person can easily be identified on social media outlets such as Facebook or MySpace by all of the status updates or wall posts that are chock-full of ways describing how wonderful life in general or a certain person in their life is. This person will rarely laugh at sarcastic jokes and seems unable or unwilling to truly experience or empathize with human emotions that are not positive.

The origin of "joywhore" was the brain of a Veterinarian who envisioned harm coming to those who cannot admit to having a bad day. This feeling of wanting to harm a joywhore is common among people who can have good and bad days and are honest about it.
Jen: "I'm having a really tough time right now. It seems everything is out of control and I don't know what to do."

Jackie: "No worries! Just turn that frown upside down! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"

Jen: *rolls her eyes and mentally thanks this joywhore for being useless*


Facebook status: "If you have (*insert selected person here*) who makes you laugh, who is always there for you, who shows you how wonderful life is, who brings sunshine into your life at all times, then post here."

*the joywhore posts these words on a regular basis*
by Jenthevet August 14, 2010
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a person who spends time with people and uses pretentious behavior during specific periods of time for the purpose of having fun, and when that period is over, they change their behavior with said people
X goes with Y to a two day outdoors carnival, where they dance, have fun and participate in activities. Two days after that X and Y meet and X says "You know, those two days were fun, but I think we went a bit too far" implying that they will not go back to such behavior again

In such a case, X acted as a Joywhore
by BoredInJafet May 26, 2011
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