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An awesome actor that has stared in many movies and shows! For example he starred in one of the famous comedy movies, “Parental Guidance” he has also starred in one of the greatest Disney shows of all time “Andi Mack”! He is such an inspiration to many children and teens! If u don’t know who he is you should look him up!💙💕
Joshua Rush has been such an amazing actor since 2009!
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by Kkbanana October 16, 2017
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this weird ass political guy that used twitter too much. would someone please take his fucking phone away before i lose my mind. he is shoving all these politics down everyone’s throat & im boutta choke. with his weird ass uwuing get that weird shit outta here.
person: ew! who is that guy with them eyebrows!
other person: he is such a joshua rush!
me: UM YALL BACK TF UP HIS EYEBROWS FUCKIN AMAZING & I WILL BEAT YO ASSES SO GET YOUR SKANKY ASS OUTTA HERE!!! also me: that joshua rush is also my soulmate lol y’all really thought. uwuwuwuuwuw
by marisellaandjakecanfuckme April 02, 2019
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A robot sent from the future to influence us positively through tv and social media. He has made Disney Channel history by being the first main gay character, and has also blessed the world by acting phenomenally in other movies and short films.

JUST REMEBER, he is not a real person, I repeat it is not humanly possible for someone to be as imperfectly perfect as J Rizzle. Everyone who sees him is jealous, and wants to be him. REMEMBER, that is his aim as a robot, to act as a positive influence for the young generation.

Joshua Rush is a beautiful robot
by ~ Bethy June 11, 2018
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