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A small, dark, congested locker room in the basement of Clinton Hall. In this "dome", under ground fights take place every Saturday afternoon. The josh-a-dome fights can be the mature solution to an argument/problem between two or more people, or the fights can just be like a cock fight where people take bets on the winner. Full contact is allowed. The contenders are free to punch, bite, and kick. When a fight is in progress, spectators are free to interfere with the fight by throwing couch pillows, chairs, shoes, wet paper towers or just simply squirt water bottles at the contenders. To win a match, a player must have his oppnent pinned and force them to say "I'm your bitch."
Yesterday, John called Pat a cock sucking tool. Being mature, Pat decided to fight him in the Josh-a-dome.
by Mr. Gzella October 21, 2006
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