the best singer in the world! Someone who has extrodinary talent to combine both pop music and opera into one popera
"have you heard of josh groban"
"yah! who hasnt? hes ONLY the best singer/songwriter in the world!"
by delia April 15, 2005
1.a great singer.
2.the 5th tenor
3.sang a lovely duet with Charlote Church.(I think they are in love!)
Caruso,the prayer,you raise me up.
by 348 August 29, 2004
A young man with a voice that can only be described as beautiful. Many of his songs are about love and have heartbreaking and haunting melodies which you are quite happy to have in your head for many a day after hearing it. He sings using a rich voice and in a variety of styles. Many songs are in different languages such as Spanish, French and Italian. One of the most talented singers in ages, in the first phrase of a song he can convey a whole world of emotions.
Josh Groban is such an amazing singer, his songs are so beautiful that they make you want to cry.
by Darth_Vader July 12, 2007
Who is Josh Groban?! KILL YOURSELF!!
He is an angel sent from heaven unto us to deliver plantinum records.
And if he were here right now I would club you to death with his Critics' Choice Award.
Who is Josh Groban?!
by Sandy Ryerson. June 20, 2010
The best singer in the world. Talent, inspiration and dedication are just some synonyms. He's also really handsome, intelligent, charming and has a great sense of humour.
Josh Groban is so talented. I can't believe he has sold close to 20 million albums just in the United States.
by sucks being awesome February 20, 2011