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the awesomely talented drummer for coheed and the rapper for weerd science. blurted out a swear word on trl. never asked to return. quite sexy.
wow that guy is really talented. yup, hes a real josh eppard.
by kelly July 29, 2006
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The worlds #1 producer of awesomeness and god of rhythm. Eppard drums left handed open , that means his kit is configured for a righty with the exception of the ride which is on the left. He also wears drum gloves and only uses a single beater kick pedal.

Former drummer of Coheed and Cambria. When Josh left Coheed it was like Diamond Dave leaving Van Halen. Without his awesomeness, swagger and stripped down beats the band quickly turned it's left over awesomeness into to anti-awesomeness and became a group of self indulgent solocentric Zeppelin wannabees.
A testament to Josh Eppard's awesomeness he once sat drinking a beverage behind a kit and only struck a cymbal once during a song and recieved monsterous applause from the crowd.
by Danger Thames December 28, 2008
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