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also jo sech and jo-sech
short for jack off desiccation
meaning the situation where one has masturbated so much that one's penis can no longer emit semen, or and one's penis has little or no moisture on the outer skin and head
true josech requires both of the above conditions
Last winter break I achieved josech three times

Samantha: (walks past the appartment buildings stairs where Mark and Alex are sitting)
Mark: fuck you you dumb cunt id rather die than touch you
Samantha: excuse me
Alex: you heard him bitch fuck you you cum slutting fuck head go to hell
Mark: id josech it up before i came if you handjobbed me
Alex: lets kill this whore
Mark: no fuck it shes not worth it lets go push coke

by BEZ you know what it is January 10, 2008
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