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A boy who is good looking but hard to get! He is smart funny and caring. He loves to talk to his friends and play sports. He is a hudge player but is still loving. He is loyal sometimes. Has a great sense of style. And is usually Mexican.
Where is joseangel?
Probably doing getting in trouble!
by blue cupcake May 13, 2018
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He's the sweetest guy. always there for you. joseangel's tend to have a high self esteem. very loyal. They are very passionate people and will love someone with all of their heart. Joseangel's usually have a hard time expressing themselves and trusting people.never let joseangel down. he's SOOO nice, and some people will take advantage of this. its hard to find people like joseangel. he has a nice body, and is very hot. you'll be lucky to date him, and you'll never meet a better guy than him so hold on to him!!
person 1: joseangel is sooo nice!
person 2: omg hes so cute too
joseangel is the best boyfriend!
by TheRealestFacts April 19, 2018
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