starting shortstop for the new york mets; the single most exciting player in the major leagues.
Q: Wow, who was that? He sure was fast and exciting!
A: That was Jose Reyes, the most exciting player in the league.
by retrokid23 October 5, 2005
A synonym for an injury/being injured in baseball. This is named in honor of Jose Reyes of the New York Miserables. Jose Reyes continues, year after year, to have countless injuries come up throughout the season at an embarrassing rate. Further, he bunted for a hit than took himself out of the last game of the year to win the batting title. If you are called a 'Jose Reyes', it is the worst possible thing that one could be classified as. It is the ultimate state of humiliation.
Me: Hey Mike hows it going?
Mike: it looks like Jeremy pulled a Jose Reyes again
Me: Again?! He was injured all of last year too!
Mike: I know, kid lives on the DL, he's best friends with Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran
by Sheriff69 October 3, 2011