a sleezy, fat, douchebag, a horrible person and lawyer.he never once poked a hole in any of the prosecution's theories he just kept trying to win the jurors over with emotion and even that did not work the jury said themselves that there just was not enough evidince to convict casey anthony of killing her own child.
a synonym would be a fat pig
and no he isnt superman and is likely going to rot in hell for eternity
jose baez is a fat prick and a cock holster. he is well known for having an IQ of 1 the fact that he is able to dress himself is amazing.
by jorjor218 July 08, 2011
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A Kick ass lawyer who defended Casey Anthony after she was accused of allegedly killed her daughter. Hes well known for being a awesome ass defense lawyer because he had the balls to defend her, and take on a crappy prosecution while poking a hole in every theory they presented. FUCKING SUPERMAN!
Jim: you know that attorney who defended Casey Anthony?

Bob:Yea!, Damn Jose Baez is so Fucking amazing, if i ever kill anyone im calling him at the scene!
by **rainboww** July 06, 2011
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