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in it's simplest form.... a beast.

A man who is a bad mutha. Most likely a ninja or some other bad ass profession, such as porn star, elected official, super-athlete or even C.E.O. of your mom. Disclaimer: Will fornicate with any friends hot mom with out regret. A Jordan is a cold blooded panty bandit with the future in his eyes and fire spewing from his mouth.

A Jordan usually makes good money, certainly more than you, yet your not exactly sure how. An enigma will spontaneously combust if ever to come into contact with a Jordan.

A jordan can be found in Public places such as cities, towns, or Canadian territories. A Jordan can also be found in the isolation of the deep wild where he may be pondering ponderous thoughts of the very existence of time and space which would cause lesser men's heads to implode in the manner of a rather disturbing sucking sound.

I digress explaining a Jordan any further would simply take away from the only pleasure you will know for the next 20 minutes. The basking in of the the thought of the very essence that is. A jordan.
Woman A: Hey do you see that hot guy walking this way?

Woman B: OMG he just checked you out.

Woman A: Umm I think I'm pregnant.

Woman B: Wow I think that was Jordan sylvester. Your such a bitch.
daym jordan sylvester is fine
by prooooo June 12, 2013
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