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A guy that is quite shy, but can overpass that by someone opening up to him. He is an outstanding person, and has a huge heart. He brings a girl into his life, and cannot just seem to let her go. He cannot live without love. He's the goddess of love and cannot let go of anything that was ever important to him. Jonbears tend to be ambicious and funny. Jonbears can be loved, but be careful because they're very sensitive to heart breaks! Don't ever let go of a Jonbear once you have one. They're very sweet and kind and can make you laugh once you're sad. Jonbears tend to get upset easy, so take care of them. Keep them safe.
person 1: is that jonbear?!

person 2: Yes :)

Person 1: ew he's weird!

Person 2: actually he's the sweetest boy I've ever met.
by gracefulruns8 January 04, 2014
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