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No one likes to be around one of these people. They feel like they are not able to say anything funny without it being stolen. A common name for a joke theft is Tyler Allen. They have a unique way of stealing your jokes. They will listen closely to the joke you say in front of your guy friends. They will then will announce it in front of a large group of guys and girls exactly word for word as you said it. Everyone will laugh and he will take full credit for it. This will make him feel like all the girls are interested in him. He will then jokingly say, "Tyler Allen ladies and gentlemen, I'll be here all night." This is to try to get a few more chuckles out of everyone. Also, they are not only limited to talking, a joke theft does his work through any form of communication. Anyone who is a joke theft shall be called a β€œTyler”.
There was a joke theft in this class and the teacher brought in freeze pops. Since the wrappers are really long, the joke theft's friend said to him, "Hey look, it's a Ron Jeremy size condom." The Tyler laughed hysterically. He then took a picture of the empty wrapper on Snap Chat, used the exact same caption, and added the picture to his Snap Story without giving any credit.
by cannorris June 09, 2014
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