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The act of stimulating a penis through mechanical hand motion. More often than not it denotes the stimulation of one's own penis by one's own hand, but it can also be used to describe the stimulation of the penis by the hands of a second party of the female gender.
1. Thadeus: ''Shit, man! I gotta put a stop to all the johnson-juggling. This is the 6th time this year I've had to get my spectacles prescription renewed''.

Alvin: ''I know, let's invent the 'johnson-juggling challenge!''

Thadeus: ''What the hell's that!?''

Alvin: ''Well basically it requires one to punish himself for any acts of johnson-juggling that he indulges in. The punsihment is that for each act of johnson-juggling that one indulges in, one must buy his opponent in the johnson-juggling challenge a beer at the next meeting''.

Thadeus: ''Awesome. Let's do it.

Note. Thadeus was tighter than 2 coats of paint. There was no way he was going to be buying Alvin beers. But...he was an honest guy so he just quit the johnson-juggling and saved himself the cash. IMPORTANTLY acts of johnson-juggling performed by a female are unpunishable.
by Papa J-Bomb January 03, 2011
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