Full name: Joeseph Louis Barrow
Alias: " The Brown Bomber"
Born: 1914 in Lafayette, Alabama
died: April 12, 1981 in Las Vegas.

In Most Boxing experts one of if not the best boxers ever. The only other fighters that could give him a run for the best ever are
Muhammad Ali
Sugar Ray Robinson
and Rocky Marciano (he went undefeated)
Jack Johnson

Joe Started Boxing professionally in 1934 and won the Heavyweight
championship in 1937

He is most know for losing to German Journeyman Max Schmeling (died feb 2 2005 at 99 years of age) in 1936 and in the rematch Knocking out the Supposed "Nazi" in 1 round

Joe Lewis retired in 1956 after losing to Rocky Marciano...(in Joes Defense Joe was 36 and Forced out of retiremen by the Irs )

Joe final record was 68-3-0 54Ko's
If he couldof stayed retired He would of been 60-1-0

Louis held the belt longer than any other champion in history.

Joe Lewis was such a good fighter that everytime he defended his belt the opponent was "The bum of the month"

Joe Ran from no one!

by kow_heman May 14, 2005
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