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Originally the name of a Norwegian rap crew, Joe Unit quickly evolved to become a term describing the culture and lifestyle surrounding the hip-hop crew. Joe Unit - and the front man Big Joe in particular - all came from extremely wealthy families, and their songs often described their ruthless spending of money. Liqueur, drugs, cars, boats, casinos and women were their main interests, and the crew wasn’t shy to let people know about their gluttony.
Saying that a person is Joe Unit, is seldom meant positively, except in some circuits, were big spenders are looked upon with admiration. If a person is Joe Unit, he or she leads a lifestyle resembling the rap crews, showing off, looking down on poor people etc.

The expression gain foothold in Norway early 2003, and quickly spread to the rest of Europe, now being a common phrase amongst young people.
"He is so Joe Unit, spending all his money trying to impress girls!"
"She spent 500.000 $ on another car? She must be totally Joe Unit!"
"Of course I'll buy you guys drinks! You know I'm Joe Unit!"
by Pog Salmer July 29, 2006
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