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Jodaynne is a feisty bitch who shouts at people when she is angry (especially when on her period). Although feisty, she’s a great listener to her boyfriend and friends around her. She possesses great charm and any boy that wins her heart is indeed Super lucky because she doesn’t fall in love with any Tom dick or harry.

Jodaynne is a great writer of love letters and writes impressively long-winded and heart-warming letters. Anyone who receives her letters would know that she cares for them a lot and should appreciate her existence at once.

She is a caring individual who most likely would work best in service-related fields such as nursing or air stewardess. Besides being caring, Jodaynne is meticulous and strives to do her best in everything she does.

Unknown to her, she is deeply loved by her boyfriend, family, and friends. Being a likable individual, Jodaynne is able to make friends wherever she goes.

Laughs extremely loudly and without care. Often to the amusement of the people around her. Her voice is astounding and people around her are known to not acknowledge her in public
Look its Jodaynne over there opposite the field! You can almost hear everything she is saying!
by jokerchamster March 03, 2018
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