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The act of unzipping one's trousers or slacks.
Even in a slow economy, Clinton was willing to demonstrate his acumen at job creation, even for the unpaid position of White House Intern. His "tally" is surely more than the geckoesque sum total of Mitt Romney's employment strategies.
by Newt's shrunken Newt December 13, 2011
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!.To create work from an action of government , private industry, natural disaster, or war. The Foundation for Job Creation was started in a New Jersey Basement during 2008 and its purpose is to bring clarity to the economic theory of Job Creation.

a. Government stimulus or spending spikes in government spending is considered to be actions of Job creation.
b.Monetary policy adjustment and adjustment to money supply are ways the government can create jobs,
c.Private industry can create jobs in two different ways.
c1. Through the action of taking market share. opening a competitive business.
c2.Through the action of bringing innovation forward. It could range in creativity of music to creativity of a high;y technical invention. All innovation tied to funding and market acceptance will create jobs.
D. War- unfortunately war creates jobs. War is an industry and when an enemy is identified it creates unity
E. Natural disaster- unfortunately natural disaster is the most efficient job creator. When natural disaster occurs, humanity will react and jobs will be created.
Example A. The government American Recovery act of 2009.
B. The federal reserve lowering interest rates to near zero and printing money for circulation by sending an extra homeowner rebate check in 2008.
C.1.Mary opens up a digital sidewalk studio to compete with traditional advertising agency agency. Mary took market share and creates jobs!The ad agency maintained all employees and replaced mary's job too.
C2. Invention and creativity always create jobs as long as there is market acceptance. One example is the cell telephone.

D. War is easily explained as the worst of humanity and the best of humanity shown through the struggle to survive. Soldiers are workers. They have the most dangerous job. When high unemployment is prevalent many flock to the military. war is usually imminent in these circumstances.
E. The rebuilding of New orleans after the Hurricane in 2005.

Mark Nejmeh is the Founder of and The Foundation for Job Creation. Mr job Creation was created by Mark Nejmeh and Mark Sehagian artist from detroit and an accomplished political cartoonist. friend MrJob creation on facebook today.
by Mr Job Creation 2010 August 29, 2010
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