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pronounced "jay-miller"

One who acts like he is holier than everyone else but he/she is a closet homewrecker.

*so named for the j.miller who impregnated his best friend and fellow teammate's wife
*justin miller is a relief pitcher for the san franscisco giants.
Wow! He really pulled a jmiller when he stole his best friend's girlfriend.
by Tillywonka May 13, 2009
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This is a man among men. He's passionate and strong. His ambition ever growing and always progressing. His strengths would be described as his ability to remain humble, his ability to adapt to his surroundings, his friendliness and willingness to talk to strangers, and his love for the things that matter most in his life; God, family, and his super adorable girlfriend. If seeing a J-Miller on the street, approach him with a smile, and possibly even a warm hug. But beware, on pay day this untamed beast of a man will buy all the sickest gaming devices to further build his strength as an Elite Gamer. He is unstoppable, and can only be tamed by the love of a beautiful LSU student.
"Dude, I saw J-miller today with his super sick psp and his super cute girlfriend."
by PeggyLee March 03, 2010
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